Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to create free Payza account | Earn money with Payza

A Payza e-wallet offers a wide range of online payment solutions 

making it easier to send, receive, and manage your money.  Make 

free online bank account on payza. Payza is a online payment 

platform lets us send and receive money, shop, make online 

payments or get paid money from almost anywhere in the world.

You can easily Convert your money from USD to BDT. All USD 

in your e-wallet can be transferred into local currency at the

 current exchange rate. No hidden fees!

To create free payza account Just Follow those step:-

Step 1 : Create Free payza account Click Sign Up Now.


Step 2 :  Click Get your personal account or Sign UP

Step 3 :  Now Select your Country and Select your desire account.


Step 4 : Type your Name, Email, Password and Click GET Started.

Step 5 : Validate Your Email address.

Step 6 : Check your Email inbox and Click Validate My email.

Step 7 : Now Click Complete Profile setup.

Step 8 : Click Get Started.

Step 9 : Now Type your mailing address and click Save and Continue.

Step 10 : Type your mobile Number and click Save and Continue.

Step 11 : Add an extra layer of security to protect your personal details.

You have successfully setup your profile.

How to Earn extra money from payza account:-

A unique referral URL for your friends and customers. By clicking 

on your link, your referrals will be prompted to sign up for a Payza 

account. Each time you refer someone to Payza, you could earn up 

to $10.00 USD.



Enjoy your payza account now you can easily

send, receive, and manage your money.

Camtasia Studio Full Version | Screen Recording & Video Editing Software

Camtasia Studio is an awesome Screen Recording Software. Screen Video Tutorials or video recording or document made a very necessary thing. At the present time, and presents a more easily understandable to others and make it easier for the visual presentation is very important. For this reason, we have a written description of each post, as well as screenshots and Video Tutorials offer. Video Tutorials for making the software available now, but needs a lot of small and large feature compatibility is very low. Most of the software is good, though the direction of the external aspects of the proper can not meet your needs. Consider your needs, you will have the added advantage of the world's number one screen recording and video editing software Camtasia Studio. A few days ago, the world's number one software for screen capture. Price of this Camtasia Studio software only $299.

Camtasia Studio Full Version | Screen Recording & Video Editing Software

Features of This Software:-

  •  Accurate recording of what is happening on the screen, including a record webcams, audio, system sounds etc. 
  •  Add a set of visual effects.
  •  Pr-submission of written.
  • Add, cut, merge and split video clips.
  •  Adding and editing audio.
  •  Adding expression.
  •  Versatile Publications.
  •  Saving the finished video formats AVI, SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV, RM, GIF and CAMV etc.
  •  Any body can easily take screenshots.
  •  Different effects can be recorded on file.
  •  You can Correction of sound and video frames.
  •  The recorded files can be easily shared.
  •  Great for Video Editing, Video Editor. Take a look at the amazing feature of this.

Screen Recording & Video Editing Software toolsbar

  •   Easily able to record full screen or in a specific part of your PC.

Screen Recording & Video Editing Software

 Using the software, you can also do so much more. However, for 

all these things, then you download the software to be used.

How To Active Camtasia Studio Full Version :-


1.  Block those URL* in hosts file by enter the following below.

hosts file location

C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc - file 'hosts' - add those URL

edit hosts files

2. Now download & Install Camtasia Studio with Free Trial.


3. Use those given keys to activate.

Camtasia Studio Full Version with key


1.  STEP 1 is Very vital in this installation process otherwise it won't accept the keys.

2. Please do not launch the software after installation finished only open after you have done the step 1.

3. If after entering the key some error pop up shows up restart the application it won't ask key for this time check the its info it will be activated!!

4. You must have to install  .NET firework  4.0  on your PC.

Now  enjoy latest Camtasia Studio Full Version.

Please pray for me. If you require any software on the computer, then you can tell me the comment box.
I'll try to share.

Friday, March 27, 2015

oDesk readiness Test March 2015

oDesk is the world largest online work outsourcing marketplace.

 If you want to work as a freelancer in oDesk Online Marketplace. 

You have to Create a oDesk account.

You have to completed 100% profile in oDesk . You must have 

passed the oDesk readiness Test for completed 100% profile. This

 test usually includes 11 questions covering the basics that you

 should know to be success in oDesk as a freelancer contractor.

oDesk readiness Test March 2015

Today I have brought the latest Odesk Readiness Test Answers 

2015 for the freelancer of oDesk. If you have not yet given this  

Odesk Readiness Test; don't be late to start the test.

 oDesk readiness Test March 2015

  Question 1: A good profile includes which of the following?
    a. Your full name, title, and photo.
    b. An overview that lets potential clients know what you can do for them.
    c. A few completed skill tests to demonstrate your expertise.
    d. Well-written text that has a positive tone, is grammatically correct, and is spelled properly.
    e. All of the above.

    Question 2: What is the secret to being a highly successful freelancer on oDesk?
    a. Communicate early, communicate often.
    b. Provide honest and realistic project updates.
    c. Respond quickly and hit deadlines.
    d. Listen to your client’s concerns and have a positive attitude.
    e. All of the above.

    Question 3: Which of the following is TRUE about fixed-price jobs?
    a. Fixed-price jobs are not covered by the oDesk Guarantee.
    b. Payment is at the client’s discretion.
    c. Fixed-price jobs are generally smaller and are paid upon completion.
    d. Terms of the job are agreed upon before work begins.
    e. All of the above.

    Question 4: Before you apply for a job, what questions should you ask yourself?
    a. Do I have the right skills and experience for this job?
    b. Do I have the time available to complete this job?
    c. Do I think the offered rate is acceptable?
    d. All of the above.

    Question 5: Which of the following is TRUE about hourly jobs?
    a. The client is billed only for hours worked.
    b. Work time is logged through the oDesk Team App.
    c. Your time is covered by the oDesk Guarantee that an hour worked is an hour paid.
    d. All of the above.

    Question 6: What do you need to be successful on oDesk?
    a. A fast, reliable Internet connection and an up-to-date Internet browser.
    b. A work-only email account and a free Skype account.
    c. A basic understanding of the English language.
    d. A ready-to-work attitude, a strong set of skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
    e. All of the above.

    Question 7: What is one smart way to prove you’re right for the job?
    a. Offer to work for free.
    b. Ignore the client’s invitation to interview.
    c. Offer to do a short, paid “test project” to show you have the necessary skills.
    d. Send a cut and paste cover letter full of spelling errors.
    e. Beg them to hire you because you really need the money.

    Question 8: Which statement about the Team app is FALSE?
    c. The Team App must be used for fixed-price contracts.

    Question 9: oDesk charges clients 10% of what they pay on your contract.
    a. True.
    b. False

    Question 10: What kind of profile image works best for attracting clients?
    a. A picture of me smiling, because it’s considered more trustworthy and pleasant.
    b. An illustrated image of my favorite animal.
    c. A picture of me wearing a baseball hat and dark sunglasses.
    d. My company’s logo.

 Note:- Sometimes oDesk change those questions.

Question 01 : Which of the following actions are NOT allowed when applying to job openings?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 02 : Which of the following is TRUE about fixed-price contracts?
Answer: How much to pay and when to pay is at the employer’s discretion.

Question 03 : Which of the following are required to qualify for guaranteed payment?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 04 : Which of the following are TRUE about the oDesk dispute process?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 05 : Which of the following statements about oDesk fees is FALSE?
Answer: The oDesk fee is $2/hour for hourly contracts.

Question 06 : Which of the following is FALSE about weekly limits on hourly contracts?
Answer: The weekly limit can be changed by the contractor.

Question 07 : What happens when a contract ends?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 08 : The oDesk Team application Time Tracker records which of the following?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 09 : Which of the following are TRUE about your oDesk Work Diary?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 10 : Can I start my own agency on oDesk?
Answer: Yes! You can create an agency and earn money by selling the services of your agency contractors.

Question 11 : Which of the following are NOT permitted on oDesk?

Answer: All of the above.

Question 12 : Which of the following actions are NOT allowed when applying to job postings?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 13 : Can I start my own company on oDesk?

Answer: Yes! oDesk allows you to build and manage a team of workers, colleagues and collaborators. You can even subcontract other workers on oDesk to other customers oDesk (and take a cut).

Question 14 : ‘How does feedback work on oDesk?’
Answer: All of the above.

Question 15 : Which of the following is true of your oDesk timelog?
Answer: All of the above

Question 16 : Which of the following break the oDesk user agreement?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 17 : Which of the following statements about the oDesk Team application are true?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 18 : What do you need to do to ensure guaranteed payment on hourly jobs?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 19 : If you have not done so please download and install the oDesk Team application. With the client running right click on the oDesk Team icon in the system tray (or doc for Mac users). Which of the following options is listed first? Note that you do NOT have to log into any actual Team Room to answer this question.

Answer: TeamRoom.

Question 20 : Which of the following statements are correct about oDesk fees?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 21 : Buyers set weekly limits on hourly assignments, how do these work?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 22 : How does oDesk’s dispute resolution policy for work?
Answer: All of the above.

Question 23 : Staffing managers can apply to jobs for you.
Answer: True.

Question 24 : Which of the following statements is FALSE about oDesk agencies?

Answer: Payments made to agency contractors are automatically split by oDesk between the agency and the contractor.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Avast Internet Security 2015 + License Key for 2017

Avast Internet Security 2015 protect your network and online 

activity everything you need . Avast Internet Security scans your 

network and routers for  potential issues to help prevent attacks. 

The silent firewall stops hackers from accessing your computer.

Safe Zone provides a secure virtual environment for you to bank, 

shop, and pay bills online. You can also create white-list sites so 

Safe Zone starts automatically.

Now a days one of the biggest risks on any WI-Fi network is DNS

 hijacking. By encrypting traffic between protected devices and our 

DNS server solve this problem. 

Avast Internet Security 2015 + License Key for 2017

Price of this Avast Internet Security 2015 after the trial period is 

$34.99 for 12 months of protection for 1 PC. 

But I will give you this Anti-virus absolutely free.

Size of this software only 193 MB.

Size of this License Keys Pack only 47.2 KB.

How To Activate Avast Internet Security?

1. Download And Install Software.

2. Download and Extract The License Keys Pack.

3. Double Click On The Key File.

5. Click Yes and Click OK.

4. Done Subscription Till 2017.

Now Enjoy Avast Internet Security 2015 Serial Keys Till 2017.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

IDM 6.23 build 5 Full Version

Internet Download Manager 6.23 build 5 is a full-featured package

that handles downloading tasks with aplomb. This software

 automatically sorts incoming files by file type and puts them in 

the  select folder. It can download files in high speeds . It is very 

easy to understand. Power users can take advantage of the 

command line interface to resume file transfers, schedule 

downloads, connect through dial-up, or log on to password-

protected sites. Experienced users also can limit the number of 

connections, the download speeds for specific sites, and even 

create  an exception list to block specific, user-defined sites.Other 

features include automatic virus checking and the ability to

 download all files linked to a page. Internet Download Manager

 can be used to download videos from You-tube, Google Video,

 My Space TV, and other popular sites.

Internet Download Manager software size is 7.2 MB.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Instrument 7.0 Build 702 with Serial Key | Full version

Photo Instrument 7.0 Build 702 is small but powerful photo editing

 software. You can very easily edit your photo in a short time with 

quality by using this software. It is very friendly and easy to use.If 

you are not professional with Adobe Photoshop you can use it. All 

the tools of this application are very easy to use. 

Photo-instrument is a powerful and easy-to-learn  graphics editor 

used to process digital photographs. Make your photo look like it's 

taken by a professional photographer. With only a few clicks; 

anyone can solve most digital photo problems:

 1. Photo Editing

2. Photo Retouch

3. Draw MakeUp

4. Overlay two and more images.

5. Drag and drop to open photos in this photo editor.

6. Copy/Paste image from Clipboard.

7. Batch Resizing (resize multiple images)

8. PSD file (PhotoShop Format) support in Editing.

9. Multi Language support.

10. Save to computer as .jpg, .png, .bmp and other file formats.

11. Remove Red Eye.

 Current version includes these instruments :-
     - Liquefy
    - Clone
    - Smudge
    - Skin Cleaner
    - Glamor Skin
    - Dodge / Burn
    - Brush
    - Blur
    - Sharpen
    - Colorize
    - Scale
    - Rotate
    - Red Eye Removal
    - Brightness-Contrast
    - regulate Color Levels
    - Glow
    - Healing Brush
    - Denise
    - Object Removal
    - Crop
    - Layers
    - Text
    - Several helpful plug-ins

help video

 Size of this software only 4.24 MB.

 ( Click this link > Wait 5 seconds > click skip ads > Uncheck selection > click download )

Download Photo Instrument 7.0 Build 702 with Serial Key

Just download & install Photo Instrument 7.0 Build 702.
- Run the program
- At the top of the tab window, click on the "Buy Now"

- Click on "Register" 
- Paste the data from the file "Serial.txt '
- Click on "Register"

Now Enjoy Photo Instrument 7.0 Build 702  Full version.


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